Kelly Chemical Electronics
Functional Materials/ 3 items
We provide several functional fillers/alloy powder/metal powder, such as: hollow glass beads, soft magnetic alloy powders,Copper powder and um/nm scale oxides etc. We can recommend products according to your needs .
Functional Resins/ 2 items
Acting for excellent acrylic resins, epoxy resins and silicone resins from the United States and Japan, providing packaging, bonding, laminates and other applications in the electronics industry such as panels, CCL, and photoresist, and meeting the requirements of low CTE, low Dk, high and low refraction ratio and other required materials.
Electronic Additives/ 4 items
Covers a wide range of high-performance products, anti-sagging, sedimentation, dispersion, surface conditioners, tackifiers and other special additives, which can be applied to automobiles, ships, heavy-duty anti-corrosion and architectural coatings, as well as printing inks, adhesives and sealing materials and other related fields.
Silicones and Silanes/ 3 items
Kelly Chemical is an agent of Gelest related products in the United States. The products can be applied in many fields, including hydrophilic materials, hydrophobic materials, fuel cells, medical materials, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, polymer composite materials, aerospace, optoelectronic materials, textiles, contact lenses, cosmetics, bioscience
Wastewater Treatment/ 6 items
It mainly provides corresponding treatment chemicals and solutions for pollutants in various industrial wastewater, such as heavy metals, suspended particles, chroma, organic matter, ammonia nitrogen, etc.
Cleaning and Stripping/ 8 items
For the cleaning and paint removal of iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other light metals, plastics and glass materials, we provide environmentally friendly products that can be operated under immersion, ultrasonic, normal temperature or heating to meet the requirements of degreasing, precision cleaning and heavy industry in various industrial processes Paint removal requirements.

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